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Teaching and Learning
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Teaching and Learning
North West

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Teaching and Learning
North West

External Resources
KS2 French & Spanish
Assembly Package

External Resources

Oxford University Press


We've got it all for languages:


Teacher George van den Bergh has created an impressive on-line resource for teachers and pupils. Authentic real time recordings of native speakers, talking about themselves, their interests, their towns, homes, lives, likes and hopes in natural authentic settings. The students can see the speakers, which makes listening so much easier and accessible. It adds to believability – students who may never have met a native speaker (other than possibly their teacher) see young people of their own age.
The interviews are backed up with useful and interesting activities, and the use of digital technology means that pupils can play and replay the short films to improve and extend their understanding. Feedback suggests that schools are using the resource in a range of ways – building pupils' listening skills and confidence, offering challenge, and also allowing pupils to work at their own pace.
Definitely a resource to go for – good value subscription packages and range of different options. It is being added to all the time. Nice one, George!




VocabExpress Julian Green and his team continue to work tirelessly on a timesaving and chore-lifting resource which enables teachers to use their time in lessons constructively and effectively – important where allocated curriculum time is an issue. Despite new skills and activities being added to GCSE specifications, the need for pupils to have a good working and learnt vocabulary in the target language never goes away. For pupils for whom looking at a screen is their favourite way of learning (and indeed having their being) VE taps into that and allows the setting of personalised homework challenges. Better still get pupils to pre-learn the necessary vocabulary for a lesson then teach them how to use and apply it (more challenge, better learning). The software allows teachers to monitor and record what pupils have done, and teacher feedback has been used to get round any technical dodges pupils might try on. Feedback from users we know suggest it is a worthwhile investment – a workhorse resource that encourages diligence and good habits and makes the most of curriculum time.




oldo-logo-home In our training for non-specialist teachers in Primary Schools we have told colleagues that if they teach their pupils good phonic skills and how to use a bilingual dictionary safely and successfully then they will have served them well for future learning. For those using Niveau Bleu, in the second half term of year 3, pupils are introduced to the concept of the bilingual dictionary. From our training days, the Oxford Easy Learning Dictionary has been the best received. Its clear layout, explanations of classifications of words, colour coding and general friendliness make it user-friendly and good value. In addition, Oxford produces well thought out transition, KS3 and KS4 packages and resources for post-16.


Le Gorlot

French For those of you wishing to try out your French in a friendly but totally French setting, Josette and her husband (currently M le Maire de la commune) offer a lovely chambre d'hote in the Limousin countryside. If you are crossing by ferry to Caen (Ouistreham) then lunch in Saumur, and a wander down the N20 brings you to Le Dève. A very nice swimming pool, comfortable independent room with its own bathroom, a dinner with homegrown vegetables, local cheeses and breakfast with fresh eggs from her hens make this a restful place to stay. It is not far from Limoges (for china fans) and Oradour sur Glane – for those looking at WW2 sites of interest and remembrance. Very good value.



Le Chateau de Targé


Vive le Saumur Champigny. The Pisani-Ferry family, descendants of French politicians, own this former hunting lodge, set into the tufa rocks on the banks of the Loire, a few kilometres outside Saumur. They have turned the annexe to the chateau into a little gite, with a huge terrace overlooking the river and access through the vineyards, past the cherry trees to the swimming pool. There are bicycles to use, and the whole area is very cycle friendly.

Edouard and Carole are very welcoming, and will try out their English on you, their administrator Pascale does not speak English – so a good chance to upgrade language skills with a truly sympathetic native speaker! The red is lovely, so is the sparkling, and the sweet wine is to die for. Walking distance of the 'pommes tapées' makers, and a troglo restaurant. Cycling distance from Saumur or Fontevraud. Une adresse à chérir.



KS2 French & Spanish

For teachers of French or Spanish:

  • an audit of existing provision and resources
  • preparation and planning
  • building capacity
  • leadership
  • embedding good practice

The scheme includes:

  • Step by step lesson plans including lesson objectives
  • Success criteria and differentiation
  • Videos with actions to support the teaching of high frequency phonemes and the actions to songs
  • Songs from the Language Factory
  • Français Français and Español Español CDs
  • PowerPoints
  • Sound files
  • Interactive whiteboard activities (Smartboard and Promethean)
  • Board games
  • A work booklet
  • Card activities

Further details:

From the popular ilanguages stable, a new course from Juliet Park and Wendy Adeniji designed to refresh practice and support language coordinators and teachers in KS2.

There will be training events and familiarisation meetings to support teachers who may want to use this course for beginning learners in KS2, or to offer variety to established primary programmes.


The teaching package costs £199.
Training sessions from £95.

Assembly Package

This is a comprehensive package for secondary schools including:

  • A calendar of themes – one for each week of the school year
  • A parallel calendar of form time themes and ideas, linked to national and international significant dates – with suggested activities
  • Built in times to incorporate review, links to curriculum areas
  • A series of linked 'responses' to use as a focus for the end of assembly or form time
  • Adapted for the full range of schools
  • Follow-up service – responses to events and specific situations
  • Pupil involvement
  • Community involvement
  • Marking of seasons and festivals
  • Further materials for church schools for liturgy and worship
  • Based on years of experience, and a vast range of collected materials and ideas to make assemblies positive, inclusive and creative, as well as a focus for thought and reflection, this is a time-saving and valuable resource that schools can take and adapt to their particular needs and circumstances.

Available as a compressed file transfer from TLNW for only £250. Reductions are available to existing clients and colleagues from MFL Resources!

Samples are available for inspection.

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